The 7 Straightest Flying Disc Golf Drivers

I’ve spent countless hours on the course, perfecting my throws and experimenting with various drivers to find the ones that fly straightest.

There’s something liberating about watching your disc soar through the air, cutting through any obstacles in its path, as it makes its way to the basket.

In my quest for finding those discs that provide this sense of freedom and precision, I’ve come across seven standouts that consistently deliver a straight flight.

In this article, I’ll be sharing these top picks with you – from well-known brands like Discmania and Innova to lesser-known gems like my favorite, the Clash Discs Soda.

Each of these discs brings something unique to the table while maintaining an unwavering trajectory that ensures accuracy and dependability on every throw.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the world of disc golf, these drivers will help you make strides towards mastering your game and experiencing that exhilarating sense of liberation every time they take flight.

Discmania FD

Discmania FD Fairway Driver S-Line Blue Disc with Pink Stamp 

Text from top to bottom
Reinvent your game
FD Fairway Driver
Flight number 7, 6, 0, 1
PDGA Approved

You’ll love the precision and control offered by the Discmania FD Jackal fairway driver, perfect for both beginners and pros alike. With its straight flying disc characteristics, an excellent glide rating of 6, and reviewer flight numbers of 7/5.9/-1/1.1, this versatile fairway driver allows you to achieve consistent throws every time.

The FD’s flight path is predictable and dependable, making it ideal for those looking to improve their distance while maintaining accuracy on the course. By mastering optimal throwing techniques with this disc, you’ll be able to experience true freedom in your game as you watch your shots sail effortlessly through the air.

The Discmania FD is available in various plastic types that cater to different preferences when it comes to grip and durability. Some popular options include D-Line (more affordable but less durable), S-Line (high level of grip with increased durability), C-Line (superior durability with a slightly more stable flight), and G-Line (premium feel with exceptional grip).

Each plastic type offers unique benefits that can help enhance your overall performance on the course. For instance, investing in an S-Line or C-Line FD will give you peace of mind knowing that your disc will maintain its shape and stability even after continuous use.

Axiom Crave

An Axiom Proton Crave Disc Grey-ish Color with Silver Stamp

Text from top to bottom
Proton Plastic
Fairway Driver - Flight Numbers 6.5, 5, -1, 1
Axiom Discs

Don’t miss out on the incredible Axiom Crave, a game-changing fairway driver that offers unparalleled control and an unbeatable color selection!

With its moderate speed and straight controllable flight path, the Crave is perfect for players looking to improve their accuracy and adapt their throwing techniques to unique course challenges.

The initial release of this disc in Neutron plastic showcases Axiom’s commitment to durability while also offering a fantastic range of color options for those who crave customization.

As part of my own experience with the Axiom Crave, I found it to be incredibly reliable for achieving consistent straight shots with minimal turn or fade.

Its comfortable feel in hand, combined with its manufacturer flight numbers (6.5 / 5.0 / -1.0 / 1.0) make it an ideal choice for tackling tight lines and navigating through wooded courses.

Give the Axiom Crave a try and experience the freedom of mastering your throws like never before!

Clash Discs Soda

A Clash Discs Soda Disc with Blurple Color and Holographic Stamp

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Clash Discs
Fairway Driver 
Flight number 7, 5, -2, 2

Looking for a versatile fairway driver that’s perfect for all skill levels? Check out Clash Discs Soda! This understable fairway driver is designed for shot shaping and can be used by players of any skill level.

Beginners will find the easy-to-throw mold helpful in achieving good distance and learning control, while more seasoned players can use it as a hyzer-flip or turnover disc. With flight numbers of 7.0/5.0/-2.0/1.0, this disc offers a great combination of speed, glide, turn, and fade to help you master those straight shots.

One of the standout features of the Clash Discs Soda is its commitment to sustainability and unique packaging options. The brand has made efforts to reduce their environmental impact by collaborating with other eco-conscious companies to create innovative solutions like biodegradable packaging materials and recycled plastics in their discs production process.

Additionally, Clash Discs offers an impressive variety of flavors in their Soda selection catering to different preferences among disc golfers around the world. Discover new favorites as you explore their extensive lineup and enjoy the freedom that comes with having such a reliable and adaptable disc on your side during your game!

MVP Volt

The image is MVP Cosmic Neutron Volt Disc with Blue/Purple Color and Black Stamp

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Flight numbers 8, 5, 0.5, 2
Cosmic Neutron Logo
MVP Disc Sports

Experience the thrill of precision and control with the MVP Volt. It’s a game-changing fairway driver that’s perfect for players seeking long accurate placement shots. Designed with GYRO technology, this disc boasts a forward penetrating fade that enables you to achieve those tight lines on long, narrow fairways. The MVP Volt is an excellent choice for disc golfers who need consistent results in their drives while maintaining the freedom to shape their shots as needed.

Not only does the MVP Volt offer impressive accuracy and control, but it’s also available at various price points due to its range of plastic options – from $13.45 to $29.99 – ensuring there’s something suitable for every budget.

Trust me when I say that adding this versatile driver to your bag will undoubtedly help elevate your game and give you the confidence to tackle even the most challenging courses.

Product Specs:

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.00 cm
  • Max Weight: 175 g


  • Excellent accuracy and control in flight
  • GYRO technology provides forward penetrating fade for tighter lines
  • Variety of plastics offered at different price points


  • Some players may find it too stable for maximum distance throws
  • Not suited for beginners or players with slower arm speeds

Discraft Scorch

A Discraft Scorch disc from the Valerie Mandujano Tour Series 2023. The disc is color Purple with Holographic stamp and made of ESP plastic. 

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Valerie Mandujano Tour Series 2023

If you’re seeking a versatile distance driver with a consistent S curve flight path, the Discraft Scorch is your go-to option for impressive turn and fade. This understable disc is similar to a longer Avenger SS, providing exceptional glide and control on your shots.

With manufacturer flight numbers of 11.0/6.0/-2.0/2.0 and reviewer numbers of 11/5.9/-1.8/2, the Scorch delivers reliable performance suitable for players at various skill levels.

The Discraft Scorch has a diameter of 21.10 cm, height of 1.80 cm, rim depth of 1.10 cm, and rim width of 2.20 cm – all designed to ensure consistent throws and maximum distance coverage on the course. The disc’s speed rating of 11 indicates its ability to cover considerable ground while maintaining accuracy in various wind conditions, allowing you to unleash your full potential when throwing this driver.

Product Specs:

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.80 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.20 cm


  • Consistent S curve flight path
  • Impressive turn and fade capabilities
  • Suitable for players at various skill levels


  • May be too understable for those who prefer overstable discs
  • Price range could be considered slightly high compared to some competitors

Only throw Discraft? Check out these popular Discraft drivers!

Innova Tern

An Innova Tern Disc with Purple Color with white marble effect and Magenta Stamp. 

Description for top to bottom
Text: Halo, Distance Driver, Flight numbers: 10, 8, -3, 2

Image: depicts a Tern bird gracefully soaring amidst a backdrop of fluffy clouds

Text: Innova Disc Golf

Discover the Innova Tern, an understable high-speed driver that’s perfect for intermediate players seeking maximum distance without sacrificing control.

Its wide rim offers a comfortable grip, and with a PDGA-approved flight rating of 12.0/6.0/-2.0/2.0, this disc is designed to fly straight and far with minimal fade at the end of its flight path.

When it comes to Tern durability, you have two plastic options: Star and Champion. Both are known for their strong resistance to wear and tear, but the Champion plastic is super clear and looks especially sharp on the course.

As you explore Tern comparisons, keep in mind that its optimal weight varies depending on your throwing style and personal preferences; however, max weights around 175g are common choices among players who want stability in their throws without compromising distance potential.

For those interested in mastering Tern throwing techniques, try experimenting with different release angles – this versatile driver can handle hyzer flips as well as smooth turnovers when thrown flat or with anhyzer release angles.

So whether you’re fine-tuning your drives for pinpoint accuracy or testing out new shots that push your limits on the course, the Innova Tern is an excellent choice for unlocking greater freedom in your disc golf game!

Axiom Insanity

An Axiom Fission Insanity Disc with Blue Color, Orange Rim and Silver Stamp 

Description from top to bottom: 
Text: Insanity Distance Driver
Flight number 9, 5, -2.5, -1.5

Image: Geometric Design 
Axiom Discs Logo

Text: Axiom Discs

Unleash your inner disc golf champion with the Axiom Insanity, a distance/control driver that’s perfect for those seeking both power and precision in their throws.

With its slightly less stable flight than the MVP Inertia, this straight flying GYRO driver offers attractive color options to suit your style while providing exceptional Axiom durability. The Insanity grip is designed for optimal performance in various weather conditions, as it features different Axiom plastic types suited for all players – from beginners to pros. Custom Axiom designs are also available if you’re looking to add a personal touch to your game.

The Insanity flight path boasts impressive manufacturer flight numbers of 9.0/5.0/-2.0/1.5 and reviewer flight numbers of 9.5/5/-1.8/1.5, ensuring consistent and predictable flights even when thrown at lower speeds or with less power behind it.

Its dimensions include a diameter of 21.10 cm, height of 1.40 cm, rim depth of 1.20 cm, rim width of 2.0 cm, max weight of 175 g, speed rating of 9.0, glide rating of 5.0, turn rating at -2-0 and fade rating at 1-5 – combining these features make the Axiom Insanity an ideal choice for players who desire freedom on the course without sacrificing control or accuracy in their shots!

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors contribute to the straight flight of these disc golf drivers, and are there any specific techniques to achieve the best results when using them?

As a disc golf enthusiast, I’ve found that the key to achieving straight flight lies in a combination of factors. These factors include disc selection, flight consistency, grip techniques, release angles, and power control.

It’s essential to understand the unique characteristics of your chosen driver and how it responds to various conditions on the course. Mastering grip techniques helps ensure a smooth and consistent release while adjusting release angles allows you to navigate obstacles with precision.

Additionally, practicing power control enables you to maintain the desired trajectory even when faced with unpredictable winds or elevation changes. By honing these skills and keeping an open mind for continuous improvement, we can experience that sense of freedom as we watch our discs soar effortlessly through the air towards their intended targets.

Are these straight-flying disc golf drivers suitable for beginners, intermediate, or advanced players, and how does the skill level of a player impact the performance of these discs?

As a disc golf enthusiast, I’ve found that straight-flying disc golf drivers offer benefits for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.

The disc weight plays a crucial role in achieving the desired flight path, which ultimately leads to skill improvement.

A smart disc selection strategy not only aids in building confidence on the course but also allows players of all skill levels to consistently perform at their best.

It’s important to remember that each player’s abilities will impact the performance of these discs; however, choosing a driver suited to your current skill level can significantly enhance your overall gameplay and help you experience that invigorating sense of freedom we all crave out on the course.

How do weather conditions, such as wind, temperature, and humidity, affect the flight and stability of these straight-flying disc golf drivers?

Weather conditions can greatly impact my disc golf game, with wind resistance, temperature impacts, and humidity effects all playing a significant role in the flight and stability of my discs.

To combat these factors, I’ve developed weather strategies to adjust my throw techniques and select the right discs for varying conditions.

In windy situations, I opt for more overstable discs that cut through strong gusts better than their understable counterparts.

When temperatures drop or rise significantly, it’s crucial to consider how they affect the flexibility of the plastic materials; stiffer plastics perform best in cold weather, while softer plastics excel in hotter climates.

High humidity can make discs feel slippery, so I ensure proper grip by using towels or carrying a bag of chalk to help maintain control during throws.

By considering these factors and adjusting accordingly, I’m able to optimize my disc golf performance regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

Can these disc golf drivers be used for different types of shots, such as hyzers, anhyzers, and sidearms, or are they specifically designed for straight shots only?

I’ve spent countless hours perfecting my anhyzer techniques, hyzer strategies, and sidearm practice on the disc golf course.

I can tell you from experience that shot versatility is crucial for navigating varied terrain and obstacles.

When it comes to disc selection tips, let me assure you that these straight-flying disc golf drivers aren’t limited to just straight shots.

In fact, they can be effectively utilized for a wide range of shots like hyzers, anhyzers, and sidearms with some adjustments in your throwing technique and angle.

So go ahead, and explore the freedom of mastering different shots with these versatile discs as you conquer the course!

What should a player consider when selecting the right disc for their specific needs and preferences?

As a disc golf enthusiast, I’ve found that durability comparison, material benefits, and customization options play significant roles in the overall performance variations of my favorite discs.

When selecting the perfect disc for my specific needs and preferences, I consider factors like the type of plastic used – premium plastics tend to be more durable and provide better grip than basic ones.

Understanding how design features such as rim width, dome curvature, and weight distribution impact flight characteristics help me tailor my disc selection for optimal results on various shots – from powerful drives to precise approaches.

Embracing this level of freedom in customizing my gear has not only improved my gameplay but also deepened my appreciation for the nuances of this thrilling sport.


I’ve had the pleasure of trying out these seven disc golf drivers, and they truly fly straight with incredible consistency.

Discmania FD, Axiom Crave, Clash Discs Soda, MVP Volt, Discraft Scorch, Innova Tern, and Axiom Insanity are all amazing options for achieving those perfect lines on the course.

You can’t go wrong with any of these discs in your bag.

Give them a try and experience firsthand the difference they make in your game.

You won’t be disappointed!


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