Discraft Zeus Review: Paul McBeth’s Crush Driver?

My In-Depth Review of the Discraft Zeus

So I recently spent quite some time testing out the Discraft Zeus, and I wanted to share my opinions on this popular distance driver with you. I have to say that overall I’m very impressed with its performance and consistency on the course.

The Discraft Zeus is a high-speed distance driver designed for experienced players, offering a fantastic blend of power, control, and stability. It’s been a game-changer since its approval by the PDGA in 2018 and has gained a significant following, especially among advanced players like five-time world champion Paul McBeth. The Zeus is available in several plastic types, each with unique characteristics, making it a versatile choice for different playstyles and preferences.

Flight and Feel

With a speed rating of 12, the Zeus is definitely not the most beginner-friendly disc, but it’s still accessible to players with some experience and practice. I found its stability and comfortable grip made it perfect for both forehand and backhand throws. In terms of flight, I’d say it’s quite similar to the Innova Destroyer, which is another disc I often use.

The Zeus has a glide rating of 5, meaning it maintains lift and stays in the air for an extended period. It’s slightly understable with a turn rating of -1, so it exhibits a mild turn during the early stages of its flight. Lastly, the fade rating of 3 implies a reliable leftward movement (for a right-hand backhand throw) as it slows down, which is definitely accurate.

Performance and Consistency

One thing that really stood out to me while testing the Zeus was its consistency. I was able to achieve great distances on my throws without sacrificing accuracy. I found the disc to be very reliable, especially when throwing in windy conditions. Its overstable nature allows it to cut through headwinds and maintain its flight path, making it a valuable asset on the course. I believe this disc would be an excellent addition to any advanced or intermediate player’s bag, as it can greatly enhance driving performance.

Plastic and Durability

I tested the Zeus in the Swirly ESP plastic, and I must say, I’m a fan. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also offers excellent grip and durability, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions. I can attest that this disc has held up well during my testing, even after several rounds on the course. The ESP plastic is known for being one of the toughest plastics in Discraft’s lineup, featuring beautiful color swirls and a soft, grippy feel. Other popular plastics for the Zeus include Big Z and Z-Line, each offering its unique benefits to players.

Skill Levels

While the Zeus is an amazing disc for intermediate and advanced players, it may not be the best choice for beginners. Its high speed and overstable nature can make it difficult for less experienced players with slower arm speeds to control the disc effectively. However, for those with enough experience and arm speed, the Zeus can provide a wonderful balance between speed and control, allowing them to maximize their distance on the course.

Comparison to Other Discs

When testing the Zeus, I couldn’t help but compare it to other popular Discraft discs, such as the Nuke, Anax, Hades, and Force. Here’s a brief comparison of their characteristics:

  • Discraft Nuke: Slightly faster with a speed rating of 13, the Discraft Nuke is more overstable, making it a better choice for players who prefer a disc with more fade at the end of its flight.
  • Discraft Anax: A fairway driver with a speed rating of 10, the Anax offers a straight flight path with a gentle fade at the end. It’s a versatile disc that can be used for various shots and is a good choice for players who want more control over their throws.
  • Discraft Hades: With the same speed rating of 12, the Hades is more understable, making it a more beginner-friendly option. It’s more forgiving and offers more turn, which is helpful for achieving maximum distance for players with slower arm speeds.
  • Discraft Force: Also, with a speed rating of 12, the Force is more overstable, making it better suited for players with faster arm speeds or those who need a disc that can fight headwinds. While the Zeus is a versatile all-around driver, the Force is preferred when faced with challenging conditions on the course.

Professional Players Using Zeus

Several professional disc golf players have incorporated the Zeus into their game, including Paul McBeth and Paul Ulibarri. Their successful experiences with the Zeus serve as strong testimonials of its capabilities and potential as a top-performing distance driver. The fact that these top players trust the Zeus to achieve outstanding distance on the course speaks volumes about its reliability and performance.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m convinced that the Discraft Zeus is a fantastic distance driver that can greatly benefit players with enough arm speed and experience. Its combination of power, control, and stability makes it an excellent choice for those looking to improve their game. While it might not be the best fit for complete beginners, those with some experience under their belt will likely find the Zeus to be a perfect match for their game. I know it’s definitely earned a spot in my bag, and I can’t wait to hit the course with it again!


Aaron is a die-hard amateur disc golfer with over eight years of experience and creator of disc.reviews. He has been described as a 'plastic addict', having thrown hundreds of discs and an equal number in his personal collection. He loves sharing his disc knowledge with the disc golf community, participating in local leagues, and generally #growingthesport.

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