Discraft Nuke Review: Overstable Distance Driver for Disc Golf Bombers

Speed and Stability Rating for Advanced Players

The Discraft Nuke is a high-speed, overstable distance driver designed for advanced disc golf players who need maximum distance and control in their game. With a speed rating of 13 and a Discraft stability rating of 1.6, the Nuke is one of the most popular discs on the market, making it an ideal choice for players with decent arm speed

Consistent Flight Performance

No matter what angle you throw the Nuke on, this versatile driver delivers an impressively predictable flight path. When thrown on a hyzer angle, it will hold that line throughout the entire flight. On a flat throw, the Nuke has a little bit of anhyzer before flexing back over for a forward fading finish. If you’re a natural flex shot player or an expert in range, the Nuke will hold an anhyzer angle before flexing back for a smooth finish, covering impressive distances in a beautiful s-curve.

Exceptional Wind and Torque Resistance

The Nuke’s overstable nature ensures it can handle windy conditions without compromising its flight path, making it an essential disc in your disc golf bag. Its torque resistance allows it to withstand powerful forehand throws, making it an excellent choice for players who rely on forehands for maximum distance. You won’t need to worry about throwing too hard and turning your shot into a ‘throwler’.

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Discraft Nuke Plastics and Rim Width

The Nuke is available in various plastics, such as Big Z and Elite X, providing players with options for a flatter or more dome-like profile. The ESP Nuke is another popular plastic option for added durability. Its wide 2.5 cm rim may be challenging for players with smaller hands but offers significant distance gains for those who can master a consistent grip.

A blue Discraft Nuke disc golf driver in ESP plastic.

Disc Golf Skill Level

The Discraft Nuke distance driver is best suited for advanced players seeking maximum distance and control in their shots. It’s especially useful in situations where a long drive, solid fade, or reliable performance in windy conditions is required. Big-arm players will find this disc to be a valuable addition to their arsenal, particularly for tailwind bomber shots or massive rollers. If you are super advanced and need even more overstability check out the Nuke OS.

Not Ideal for Beginners or Players with Small Hands

Despite its impressive performance, the Nuke is not recommended for beginners or players with smaller hands due to its wide rim and advanced player-oriented design. If you’re new to the sport or have a slower arm speed, consider exploring other distance drivers better suited to your skill level, such as a more stable disc like the Nuke SS.

Discraft Nuke Review

So now you know that the Discraft Nuke is a powerful distance driver that excels in various situations and conditions on the disc golf course. If you’re an advanced player with a strong arm, the Nuke can help you unleash explosive distance on the course. Give this exceptional driver a try and see the difference it can make in your game.


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