Discmania Rainmaker Review: Eagle McMahon’s New P2?

Putter Shape and Feel: A Medium-depth, Comfortable Putter

The Discmania Eagle McMahon Rainmaker is part of their Creator Series, which allows team-sponsored players to construct and design their dream discs. Eagle McMahon designed the Rainmaker based on his expertise with his previous go-to putter: the D-Line P2.

The Rainmaker has a shallower rim design than the original P2, with a more beveled edge, making it feel smaller and less bulky in the hand. This is ideal for players with small hands or if you just prefer the added control that shallow-rimmed discs provide (like me).

Flex 3 Glow D-Line Plastic

The new Rainmaker is constructed with Discmania’s Flex 3 Glow D-Line plastic, noted for its stiffness, grip, and relatively bright glow for a baseline putter plastic. Although it felt slightly slick in the hand when I first tested it, the plastic became grippier the more it beat in. The Glow Rainmaker also has a rad, eye-catching stamp design, which is to be expected for any of Eagle McMahon’s Signature discs.

Discmania Rainmaker Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 2
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 0.5

These are pretty typical flight numbers for a stable putter, with a little less stability than the original P2. It features a straight flight path with minimal turn and a subtle fade, and will literally hold any line you put it on. The Rainmaker performs consistently and reliably, whether thrown with hyzer, anhyzer, or flat. You couldn’t ask for a more adaptable, versatile putter which makes it great for any skill level of player.

Putting and Throwing: A Disc for Everyone

The Rainmaker is a fantastic putting putter since it pushes forward more than the P2, making it convenient for longer-range putts. It can handle some power without completely turning into a throwler, allowing for crisp, straight throws. The Eagle McMahon Rainmaker is outstanding for players who prefer a smaller, less bulky disc for putting, as well throwing off the tee.

P2 Comparison: A Happy Medium

The Rainmaker lies between the new and old P2s in terms of stability. While not as understable as the new P2, it still provides a solid and dependable flight and will hold an anhyzer line with very minimal fade. The most significant distinction is the Rainmaker’s feel, which is more pleasant in the hand than the P2s due to its smaller and less bulky design (at least for me).

Final Thoughts

The Discmania Eagle McMahon Glow Rainmaker is an excellent choice for players looking for a comfortable, dead-straight, and versatile putter. Its medium-depth rim, one-of-a-kind Flex 3 Glow D-Line plastic, and consistent flight qualities make it a wonderful addition to any disc golf bag. Give the Rainmaker a shot, and let us know what you think in the comments!


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